an innovative solution for hypertension management

Mobile app for patients

A Digital Health App for people with or at risk of hypertension will include:

  • a “Digital Twin” of the user
  • a geocaching game using Augmented Reality, to provide motivation to the patients to improve their lifestyle.

The game intelligence will tailor personalized “Quests”, “Targets” and “Rewards” for each patients. A “Virtual coach” will provide meaningful interactions and motivation to the users

Application for clinicians

The HyperHealth platform for clinicians will include a

  • Clinical Record Management tool to create and manage Patients Profiles, pharmaceutical therapy, and define Shared Care Plans (SCP) for each patients, including personalized target and details of the pharmacological and nonpharmacological therapies.

  • Smart Dashboard and Decision Support system:
    A Dashboard for monitoring compliance with the Shared Care Plan, communicate with patients and integrating a Decision Support System for the management of arterial hypertension.

  • Hypertension resources center, containing the materials for the patients according to a personalized education plan.

IoT connected ecosystem

HyperHealth creates a connected ecosystem integrating the innovative medical hardware provided by our supplier WiThings, i.e. a:

  • Smart-Watch, for complete activity (calories, steps, activity, heart rate, electrocardiogram AFIB detection) and sleep monitoring (cycles: deep and light);
  • Smart-Blood Pressure Monitors for BP (Dia/Sys), Heart rate.
  • Smart Diagnostic Scale for body weight, BMI and body composition