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    This topic is dedicated to your questions and curiosity about the relationship between physical activity and hypertension. You can ask any questions that you want related to the topic and share your experiences with other community members.

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    Lauren Goldsmith

    Hi, I have been regularly going to the gym and used to lift heavy but I’ve been recently diagnosed with hypertension and I am wondering if I should be continuing my regular exercises or should I change my training program? I appreciate any suggestions 🙂

    Claire Smith

    Hi Lauren, I’ve a similar experience as yours and I did some small changes with my work-out program. If you lift up heavy and push your limits, it can increase your blood pressure as your body/muscles need more blood circulating to generate power. Perhaps it could be a nice idea to revise your work-out program with your trainer and/or physician.


    Thomas Johnson

    Hello. I like taking long walks outside and riding my bicycle. But since I’ve been diagnosed with hypertension, I am afraid that I no longer be able to do them, especially in hot seasons. Is my concern properly placed or do you suggest something else?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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